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Product Name:Fiberglass Round Rope

1.Fiberglass rope mainly includes c-glass/e-glass(alkali free) square rope,round rope and twisted rope,all are made of high

quality fiberglass yarns.

2.Fiberglass round rope is densely braided,and is the ideal sealing packing and filling material because of the leakage

prevention attribute.

3.Can also be continuously exposed to the temperature of 550 degree centigrade,non-inflamable and functioning well.

4.Has the features of  chemical stability and electric insulation,can resist most acids,alkalis and corrsion.

5.Can be impregnated with oil and graphite,reinforcing the ability of lubrication and  high temperature resistance.

Item Specification
Diameter 4mm~50mm
Technic Braided/Knitted
Material C/E-glass fiber yarn
Working temperature 550~600℃


1.Heat resistant material for industrial ovens,welding workshop, foundry works,refineries, aluminum mills and steel plants,etc.

2.Sealing packing and caulking material for wood stoves,ovens, furnaces, boilers, expansion joints,etc.

3.Gasket and packing for crucible and pollution control equipment, also used as pump shaft packing,etc.

4.Other usage for heat resistant and thermal insulation.Provides industry and labor protection,alsowidely used as

gasket and sealing material.
Packaging & Shipping:

1.Packaging:Plastic film/roll,Carton or PP bag outside.

2.Delivery time:7-15 days;

3.Shipping detail:By sea or by air,according to clients' requirement.