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Product Name:Ceramic Fiber Cloth
1.Ceramic fiber cloth is woven of high quality ceramic fiber yarn.
2.It can be used for high temperature resistance applications(up to 2300 F).
3.It can be reinforced with fiberglass wire or inconel/alloy steel wire.
4.Loss on ignition:Less than 12%.
5.Working temperature: 1260.
6.Density: 550 kg/m3.
7.Length: 10-50 m/roll.
8.Width: 1000 mm.
9.Thickness: 1.5-6 mm.


1.Insulation of high-temperature pipe and instruments.
2.Sealing for valve and flange.
3.Covering Material for fireproofing cable,cloth,high temperature expanding material.
4. Insulation of fireproofing refrigeration engineering in transportation,construction,petrochemical industry, electric power industry.
5.Special high temperature equipment( high-temperature resistance furnace, induction furnace, ladle lid,glass glass melting furnace, kiln car, high-temperature radiant tube, high-temperature vessel, hot-blast furnace, burner) in metallurgy , scientific research, spaceflight and nuclear reaction industry.


Classification temperature 1260
Product 1260 Ceramic fiber cloth 1260 Ceramic fiber tape
Service temperature(C) 450 1000 450 1000
Basic material  Ceramic fiber  Ceramic fiber  Ceramic fiber  Ceramic fiber 
Fiberglass reinforced stainless steel reinforced fiberglass reinforced stainless steel reinforced
Theoretical density(kg/m3) 500±15 500±30
Specification(mm) 30000x100x2/3 30000x75x2
Moisture content(%) ≤2
Warp density 48-60piece/10cm
Weft density 21-30piece/10cm
Delivery state Roll
Organic content(%) ≤15

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