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Product Name:Asbestos Round Rope
1.Dust free asbestos rope is woven of asbestos yarns.
2.It's usually used as fireproof and thermal insulation materials in oven,steel plant and other related factories,buildings, power stations.
3.It performs well in heat-resistant usage for boilers,pipe lines and steamers.
4.Loss on ignition:Less than 32%.
5.Working temperature: 300 ~ 550.
7.Weight:2.5kg, 5kg, 10kg Per Roll.

1. Thermal insulation products for industrial furnaces, mechanical equipment and pipeline.
2. High temperature Resistant rope for building, ship, large construction equipment industry.
3. Fireproof and heat insulation material in steel plant,power stations.rail vehicle and vehicle insulation parts.
4. Can be used as fire-proof and sealing packing in industrial oven and other mechanical equipment.
5.Can also be foiled with aluminum to reinforce the heat resistant ability.